Climate Stories Gallery

Climate Stories Gallery

In the run-up to our Climate Modelling-themed pop-up in March 2022, we opened an online gallery to collect your photos, videos and sounds related to four themes.

The entries were shown on a reel in the pop-up’s chill-out zone and enjoyed by over 1200 visitors to our pop-up exhibition at Maketank.

We loved your entries so much and are going to leave the galleries open, in case our pop-up exhibition inspired you to contribute!

Submit your entries

You can submit entries for any of the themes in the Climate Stories Gallery: “Your climate stories”, “Your vision of a positive future”, “Resolutions for change”, “What makes Earth special” – just choose the exhibition in the submission form. It’s easy to submit your entries – click the buttons below to see how. You can submit photos, drawings, poems, sounds or video clips, or anything else that we can show as an image/audio/video!

Climate Stories Gallery: All Exhibitions

Your climate stories

Image: Flood relief channel, Exeter, April 2012 (taken by Natalie)

In November 2021, the UK hosted the UN’s COP26 Climate Change Conference. Although it was a great platform for world leaders, climate experts and activists, we want to hear your thoughts and feelings about climate change. View the contributions below, and you can still submit your image and audio/video entries to this gallery!

Your vision of a positive future

Image: Lucas Sandor on Unsplash

What do you envisage as part of a positive future? More trees? More people walking and cycling? Whatever you think a positive future looks like: share your hopes with us! Check out the contributions below, and keep submitting your image and audio/video entries to this exhibition!

Resolutions for change

Image: Shane Rounce on Unsplash

What positive changes are you making for the climate this year? Will you leave a patch of your garden to grow wild, or cut down on using the car? We’d love to hear your climate-friendly resolutions – share your image and audio/video entries with us and help inspire others to make changes too!

What makes Earth special?

Image: USGS on Unsplash

Earth is one of trillions of planets out there in our observable Universe – but so far, ours is looking pretty unique. Why is it special to you? Share your image and audio/video entries with us!