Climate Stories Gallery

Climate Stories Gallery

In the run-up to our Climate Modelling-themed pop-up in March 2022, we opened an online gallery to collect your photos, videos and sounds related to four themes.

The entries were shown on a reel in the pop-up’s chill-out zone and enjoyed by over 1200 visitors to our pop-up exhibition at Maketank.

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Your climate stories

Image: Flood relief channel, Exeter, April 2012 (taken by Natalie)

In November 2021, the UK hosted the UN’s COP26 Climate Change Conference. Although it was a great platform for world leaders, climate experts and activists, we wanted to hear your thoughts and feelings about climate change. View the contributions below!

Your vision of a positive future

Image: Lucas Sandor on Unsplash

What do you envisage as part of a positive future? More trees? More people walking and cycling? Check out the contributions below!

Resolutions for change

Image: Shane Rounce on Unsplash

What positive changes are you making for the climate this year? Will you leave a patch of your garden to grow wild, or cut down on using the car? Check out our ideas, and the suggestions by visitors to our pop-up, in the contributions below.

What makes Earth special?

Image: USGS on Unsplash

Earth is one of trillions of planets out there in our observable Universe – but so far, ours is looking pretty unique. Why is it special to you?