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Welcome To
The Climate Booth.
Climate change is a big subject. It can make us feel and think lots of different things.
You may be scared of how it will affect your future. You may think that everybody is worrying too much.
So, tell us: what do you think and feel about climate change?
In this booth, there's no judgement. Please keep your responses anonymous.
Please use at least 6 characters.
We are collecting responses to understand how people are feeling about this subject. By submitting your response, you confirm that you agree with our
data protection policy
, which allows us to use these responses in an entirely anonymous format.

Exeter Science Centre “Confession Booth” Data Protection Policy

All information input in the “confession booth” should be submitted anonymously. If identifying information is accidentally submitted it will be removed from the data before the data is used. By submitting information you are agreeing to handing over the data rights and copyright to Exeter Science Centre in accordance with our privacy policy:

These submissions may be used by Exeter Science Centre for the following purposes:

  • Improving the content of our pop-up exhibition and future exhibitions through gaining a better understanding of the needs/feelings/understanding of the public;
  • Promotional materials, making funders/schools/the public aware of the work we are doing and its value;
  • As part of the evaluation of the impact of our outreach/engagement work;
  • For fundraising purposes;
  • For increasing the public understanding of STEAMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Medicine).

The data may be shared:

  • On our website (;
  • On our social media- @ExeSciCentre on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter;
  • In our digital newsletters;
  • With our funders through evaluation/impact reports;
  • In printed publications;
  • In our advertising;
  • With the local/national press;
  • With the public in outreach events such as exhibitions/pop-ups/workshops.

If you have any queries regarding the use of this data please contact: [email protected]