Learning Resources

Learning Resources

We’re gradually producing educational resources that are freely available to everyone. Click the links below to find out more.

ESC Live Project Resources

As part of our ESC Live project, we’re providing the event videos with accompanying lesson plans, worksheets and additional resources for anyone to access.

Phage Therapy Citizen Science Project Resources

We’re running a citizen science project alongside Dr Ben Temperton from the University of Exeter, and you can learn more about the project and the science of phage therapy on the resource page.

Other Learning Resources

There are already lots of fantastic online learning resources out there – here are some of our favourites!

Khan Academy

Lots of well-paced science and maths (and other) lessons for all ages, mainly video-based.

STEM Learning

STEM learning resources and hands-on activities for various age groups, some of which are linked to the BBC Bitesize daily lessons.


Wide range of online learning courses, mostly produced by UK-based universities.


Citizen science activities, where you can take part in genuine research studies!

Met Office

The Met Office have some great learning resources for the public and schools.

BBC Bitesize

Helpful summaries of various subjects, aligned with the UK curriculum, mostly text-based.

Exploratorium Science Snacks

We love the Exploratorium! They have lots of helpful online resources, including these hands-on learning activities.


Another wide range of online learning courses, produced with mainly US universities and companies.

Science Journal for Kids

Scientific articles written for kids and approved by scientists.