Sharing our work

Sharing our work

We want to be as open-source as possible – we’re spending a lot of time trying to find the best (fairest, most considerate and ethical) ways to do things, and if our work is helpful for you then we’d like to save you time, so you can get on to do great things quicker.

Unless otherwise stated, feel free to use the resources below in line with the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (4.0) licence (more info on how to use / reference this work here) so that others can find the original source.

Policies & Procedures

Image credit: Beatriz PĂ©rez Moya on Unsplash

As a charity, we have policies that define how we operate – and we explain our procedures for enacting these policies. We’re in the process of updating, finalising and signing off most of our policies for displaying online – so stay tuned, there’s more coming soon!

Privacy and GDPR policy

Coming soon:
Leave Policy and Procedure
Anti-bullying and harassment policy and procedures
Code of conduct + volunteer/work experience agreement for under 18s
Complaints policy
Conflicts of interest (policy & register)
Director job roles & salary
Disciplinary and grievance policy
Employment policy
Environment and sustainability policy
Equality, diversity and inclusivity policy
Fundraising policy
Health & Safety policy
Reserves policy
Risk management and risk register

Safeguarding policy
Safeguarding lead role description
Volunteer policy
Working with schools policy

There are lots of useful templates and advice on the Charity Excellence Framework website (who have a very helpful newsletter!), and others, as well as guidance on the Charity Commission website for various topics.

Project Reports

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When we complete our projects, we report back to our funders to explain the impact we’ve had and our methods / reflections on what was successful. We hope this is useful for you in either emulating our projects – or just seeing how we write our reports!

Since this is describing work that we’ve carried out, the reports will be available to view in PDF, rather than being editable.

Coming soon:

ESC Live: Virtual, out-of-the classroom events connecting school children with engineers

Breaking the Ice: Exeter’s Pop-up Science Centre

Public Engagement Programmes:

Coming soon:

Dr Yulei Wu – 5G Network Slicing

Prof Francesca Palombo – Using light to detect cancer (school & public workshops, hands-on demonstrations, volunteer event)

Prof Ben Temperton – Phage therapy citizen science project (school workshops, public sample collecting events, videos, information pages).

Dr Stephen Thomson – Demystifying climate models: how do they work, and what do they say? (school workshops)

Everything Else

Image credit: Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

Our Vision, Purpose, Annual Reports and Preliminary Business Plan can all be found here.

Image credits for images used on our website are here.