Why & How

Why make a science centre in Exeter?

Fill the Gap

There is no dedicated, general science discovery centre in the region. The Exeter Science Centre will be an inspiring and useful place for the local community and visiting tourists, where they can learn about and take part in science in all its forms.

Celebrate Local Research & Industry

Science Centres are the bridge between scientists and the community. We have an amazing variety of research and industry in STEMM going on in the region, and we want to create a dedicated space to share it. 

Put Global Issues into Context

We all have an important role to play in tackling global issues. We want to make sure the science behind these issues is clear, and show how people around the world are using science to find solutions. We want to enable and motivate everybody to be proactive in striving for a better world.

How will it happen?

We are starting the organisation’s activities now: speaking to the community about science and getting their views on the project, and working with researchers to share their work with the public. We are planning a number of projects over the next couple of years to work with different parts of the community, and continuing our fundraising to make this happen.

In parallel, we’re also planning the Centre itself. Check out our 3 year target below, and if you’d like more details have a read of our short Summary Document.

For details of our plan in full glory, have a read of our aspirational Preliminary Business Plan – this is a working document, so please check back here or email us for a current version. An updated version will be added soon, along with our annual report for 2021-2022.

Our 3 Year Target

Read it from the inside outwards, to see our actions / status for each year. The coloured sections correspond to different themes. The descriptions around the outside describe our aims for each theme, by year 3.