Our vision

Our vision of a positive future is one where the public is informed, inspired and empowered, through science, to help make the kind of fair and sustainable society that we all want to live in.

We believe that we need to work together to tackle global issues, and that science centres are best-placed to inform and empower the public to get involved.

So, in parallel to our projects and events, we’re working to create a network of global issues-focused science centres in the South West of England.

Plan for the inside of the science centre showing some example exhibits
Plan for the outside of the science centre, using sustainable architecture

We feel that science centres need to be radically reimagined to have a global appeal and a more significant role in society.

Our network will be formed of cultural centres, developed in collaboration with the communities that they serve, and playing a fundamental role in creating global citizens.

Each centre will be rooted in its local community, themed on local expertise, and an exemplar for how buildings can benefit both people and planet (see images).

Empowering the public to help tackle global issues

We all have an important role to play in tackling global issues. We want to make sure the science behind these issues is clear, and show how people locally and around the world are finding solutions. We want to enable and motivate everybody to be proactive in striving for a better world.

Engaging the public with local research & industry

Science centres are the bridge between scientists and the public. We have a huge variety of impactful research and industry going on in the region, and we want to create a dedicated space to connect the public with it. 

Filling the gap

We are filling the gap of science centres in the region:

Map of science centres in the south of england, showing a large gap around Devon
Image credit: Association for Science and Discovery Centres (2019)

Our 3 year target

Keep scrolling down to see an animation (on desktop only) of our 3 year target for our next 3 years as a charity. Read it from the inside outwards, to see our actions / status for each year. The coloured sections correspond to different themes, and the descriptions around the outside describe our aims for each theme by this year. (You can also see a text-based version of the resource for screen reader users, or view the full image here)

We’re updating this at the moment for our next 3 years (April 2024-2026) – stay tuned!