The Exeter Science Centre

Exeter Science Centre - Explore, Learn, Be Inspired


Our vision is to create an exemplary not-for-profit science-discovery centre in Exeter, with an ethos of ‘Explore, Learn, Be Inspired’. We want to create a place where everyone feels welcome, regardless of background, education or interests.

We’ll fill the centre with hands-on exhibits, inspired by the best science centres around the world, and create a cultural hub that is appealing to everyone. Science underpins our modern society, and we want everyone to feel that they can, and want to, engage with it.

We’re keen to work alongside the science-based institutions and businesses in our local area, to communicate their cutting edge STEM research to the public. We also aim to interweave Art with our exhibits (making a STE-A-M exhibition) to express and mirror the underlying creative process involved in every scientific endeavor.

Our Aims

Who We Are

Our team is led by Natalie Whitehead, due to complete her PhD in Physics this year, and Dr. Alice Mills, who is the Science Outreach Officer at the University of Exeter.

We are outreach enthusiasts, with years of experience in communicating science to school children and the general public, and a desire to give science a clear voice in our society. We want to break down the barriers that prevent or discourage people from engaging with science.

The Plan

Phase 1: Feasibility study: mini business plan, consultation with the public & local interest groups (current)

Phase 2: Detailed business planning

Phase 3: Call for funding, raising interest with Outreach-on-Tour

Phase 4: Detailed design

Phase 5: Building the Centre

Your Input

If you have any views / comments / suggestions, we’d love to hear them! We are determined that this project reflects the views and wishes of all our local citizens, schools, businesses and STEM organisations, and will make a genuinely positive contribution to our community.

Contact us at [email protected] - we’d love to hear from you!