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We hope you enjoyed the beautiful images on our website, and we’d like to thank the photographers and image designers who have kindly made them available (via the excellent websites, or otherwise). For the images we haven’t already referenced in situ, we credit their creators below.

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Freepik via Flaticon

Md Tanvirul Haque via Flaticon

Becris via Flaticon

Kroffle via Flaticon

Kosonicon via Flaticon

How to credit images / content from this site

The images and content on this site that are produced by Exeter Science Centre can be reproduced in line with the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (4.0) licence, so must be clearly credited, to ensure future users can trace the source of this work (to understand how the content/image may be used, ensure its trustworthiness, and/or check for any updates). The work can be credited as: “Exeter Science Centre (CC BY-SA 4.0)” with a URL link to the relevant page.