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Current / Upcoming Events

Pop-up Exhibition

Join us in August 2021 for a pop-up exhibition in Exeter city centre! The exhibition will be created with artists and scientists on the theme of climate modelling on Earth and other planets. Find out more on our news article here.

Past Events

The Great Conjunction

On 21st December Jupiter and Saturn appeared closer in the sky than they had been for 400 years in an event called the Great Conjunction. Alongside the University of Exeter’s Astrophysics group, we livestreamed the event to thousands of people from across the world. You can view the livestream here. We also prepared some videos to explain what it was all about and how to observe it, which you can find here.

Image credit: Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

17-12-2020 COVID-19 Vaccine: Ask the Experts

On the Thursday 17th December at 7:30pm we hosted a live Q&A panel event with the Translational Research Exchange @ Exeter (TREE). This event gave the public an opportunity to ask their COVID-19 related questions to a panel of doctors and scientists from across the South West, with specialisms spanning the COVID-19 vaccine, virus, treatment and testing. The live recording is available here. The panel have also answered some of the questions that they did not have time to answer in the live session here, along with questions from school students here.

Image credit: Daniel Schludi on Unsplash.

17-11-2020 to 18-12-2020 Art of Science Gallery

We asked the public for submissions of Art that had been inspired by STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine). We got some incredible and diverse entries and they can all be viewed in our beautiful Art of Science Gallery. Thank you to everyone to took part!

Click here to view the Gallery!

09-10-2020 Global Science Show

Alice and Natalie were invited to contribute to the Global Science Show (GSS), a monthly event on Twitter featuring science communicators from across the world. This month, the contributions were from science centres in many different countries, run in association with the ASDC. You can read the GSS Twitter thread here, and watch our video contribution here!

11-05-2020 → 31-05-2020 Science as Art Gallery

During the COVID-19 lockdown, we ran our online Science as Art Gallery to celebrate the beautiful manifestations of “everyday science” in the Public Exhibition, and the fascinating range of research carried out in the South West for our Research Exhibition. Submissions were posted & discussed on social media, and you can view the gallery here!

04-12-2019 Tech Exeter Meetup

This was a busy evening! After the STEAMM Show at the Exeter School of Art, Natalie headed over to the Exeter Phoenix to speak to Tech enthusiasts about her background and the plans for the Science Centre. You can find the slides online here!

04-12-2019 ExIST STEAMM Show

A 5 minute, no-slides pitch of our idea to the public. Fantastic range of speakers and exhibitions, demonstrating how important it is for scientists and artists to work together to communicate their common goal: understanding the universe we find ourselves in.

12-10-2019 Sidmouth Science Festival

We love this festival – it’s an inspiring week of public events including talks and hands-on science demos. Natalie and Sarah had a stand in Kennaway House, speaking to visitors about our plans with some demos and a questionnaire.

17-09-2019 Exeter City Futures Connect Event: Skills and Capabilities

Our first public event! Natalie presented a 5 minute pitch on our idea to create the Exeter Science Centre.