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Please use the button below to make a donation via our PayPal Giving Fund and help us to create the Exeter Science Centre.

There are no fees to make a donation, so 100% of your contribution goes towards our charitable aims. To understand how donations are used, please see below. If you’d like to make a large donation, please contact us!

How does my donation contribute?

We became a registered charity (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) in April 2021 with registered charity number: 1194239. All donations, along with any other income that we receive from grants or payments, go towards our charitable aims: to make the science centre organisation and run its activities for the public, and create the science centre building and everything in it. This includes things like (reasonable) staff salaries, costs for creating exhibits and running events in schools or in public, and fees for necessary professional services (like accountants or consultants, where we can’t do these activities ourselves).

We’re dedicated to making the Exeter Science Centre for the benefit of the community, not to make ourselves a profit. We’ll be publishing the details of our income and expenditure in full in our Annual Report (small donations from individuals are of course anonymous).