Breaking the Ice: Exeter Science Centre Pop Up

Breaking the Ice: Exeter Science Centre Pop-up

March 2022
11th – 14th | 18th – 21st

For two long weekends in British Science Week (March) 2022, we’ll be showcasing an amazing exhibition in Maketank in Exeter, for people of all ages to meet the local scientists involved in some inspiring research, and get involved with our plans to make a STEAMM discovery centre in the city.

The exhibition is centred around climate modelling– which not only helps us to understand our own climate and how it is changing, but also the climates on other planets! We’re also working with Space Youth Services to create a ‘Youth Voices on Climate’ window display, and climate scientists in Exeter to understand their perspectives on climate change.

The Exhibition

Exeter is home to the largest number of meteorologists and climate change specialists in the UK, along with a world-leading astrophysics research department in exoplanet climates.

Through hands-on activities, out-of-this-world VR experiences, and chats with the exhibition Mediators, we’ll take you on a journey to explore current research into planetary climates, and to see how it fits into the bigger picture here on Earth.

That’s where you come in, as an honorary interplanetary explorer: we want to understand your feelings about this pale blue dot called Earth. What makes it special? How can we better protect its inhabitants?

As part of this event, we want to launch our public consultation for the Exeter Science Centre building! We’ll be exploring ways for the public to share their ideas and views with us and help us imagine what the Science Centre could be like.

Meet the STEAMM Team

We’re working with a fantastic team of artists and scientists to make this pop-up:

Get Involved

Can’t wait for the pop-up? You can get involved right now by contributing to our latest Gallery!

In the lead up to March 2022, we’re running a special series of virtual exhibitions on a different topic each month, all themed under ‘Climate Stories’. Send in your contributions, and we’ll showcase them on a reel in the pop-up – there’s also a competition for winning entries, which will be specially displayed in the exhibition.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

This pop-up is funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) – we’re so grateful for their support!