We want the Exeter Science Centre to be an invaluable resource for schools, to help supplement the curriculum, raise aspirations and boost enthusiasm for STEAMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths and Medicine).

To help us demonstrate that there is demand for a science centre in Exeter, please pledge your support for the project – we’ll list our pledged schools here on the website soon.

We’re offering various activities for schools, including STEAMM research-inspired workshops and special events. You can view our current and upcoming events below, and sign up to our termly newsletter and follow us on social media to keep updated. If there’s anything in particular that you’d like us to offer, please get in touch!

Schools: Current / Upcoming Events and Opportunities

Using light to detect cancer

In this 1-lesson, hands-on workshop, we explain how physicists at the University of Exeter are detecting oesophageal cancer, in their research funded by Cancer Research UK.

We explore simple harmonic oscillators, travelling waves, sound waves in solids, and electromagnetism. Most suitable for KS5.

If you’d like to take part, please register your interest!

Student feedback from a Year 11 at Cranbrook Education Campus: “I really enjoyed it, especially the practicals and models, thank you!”

Student feedback from a Year 12 students at Ivybridge Community College: “I liked that the talk was interactive and there were activities that we could do to help us understand the topic“.

ESC Live Events (last updated 27-07-21)

In this project funded by the IET & IMechE, we’re visiting energy generation facilities, meeting engineers from across the South West, and live streaming the events to local schools so that they can ask their questions live to the experts!

The resources from past events can be found here via our Learning Resources page. We’ll soon be visiting:
– The Eden Project to explore Geothermal Energy (KS4/KS5),
– Langage Anaerobic Digestion Facility (KS3/KS4)
Resources will be posted here soon after. Follow us on social media for updates!

COVID-19 Vaccine: Ask the Experts

We have produced a special set of YouTube videos where the experts answer questions from school students. Thanks to all the students and schools that have sent in their questions.

You can find the videos here.

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