Exeter Science Centre Pop-up Exhibition

March 2022

11th – 14th | 18th – 21st

Exeter Science Centre’s first ever pop-up exhibition, “Breaking the Ice” was a great success! We welcomed more than 1200 visitors over two weekends and had over 30 volunteers supporting us. Thank you so much to everyone that visited. 

If you missed the exhibition or just want to see it all over again, we’ve prepared a whole host of resources so you can experience it virtually!

We’re delighted the exhibition returned for 2023! Check out the 2023 exhibition webpage here!

Take a guided tour

Alice and our team of volunteers show you round the exhibition after-hours. To explore each exhibit in more detail, have a look at the 360° tour up next!

Explore the exhibition in 360°

Explore the exhibition in your own time – we have created a 3D virtual tour that you can use on your phone, PC or a VR headset. Check out the tour below, or jump straight into the exhibition resource pages below for more details on each theme.


Meet the STEAMM Team

Meet the STEAMM Team

We worked with a fantastic team of artists and scientists to design this pop-up!

Left-right from top:

Dr Rob Sherman: Director of Bonfire Dog and Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter. Leading on narrative experience design alongside Hugh McCann and producing the Climate Feelings Booth and Climate Observatory programmes.

Olya Petrakova: ESC Trustee, Director of Maketank and Lecturer at the University of Exeter. Advising on, hosting and facilitating the pop-up.

Hugh McCann: Freelance artist, Director of Co Create Exeter. Narrative design alongside Rob, and fabricating the hands-on exhibits: ‘what makes Earth special’ entranceway, chaotic pendulums, tree rings and tipping point scales.

Dr John Bruun: STFC researcher, Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Exeter, advising on the Earth’s climate zone and public engagement methods in the pop-up overall.

Prof Nathan Mayne and Prof Hugo Lambert: STFC researchers and Associate Professors at the University of Exeter, in Mathematics and Astrophysics, respectively. Advising on the exoplanets and solar system planets zones, and exhibition overall.

UKRI Science and Technology Facilities Council

This pop-up was funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), and supported by the following organisations: