Making Exeter cooler

Image credit: Forsaken Films via Unsplash

We want to make Exeter cooler! Not just in the super cool science centre we want to create, but through our climate-friendly projects we’re working on! Find out more about those here:

Our next project, Our World From Space is landing soon! We’ll be taking the We Are Guardians VR film and lots of hands-on activities related to Earth observation around the South West over the coming year. Did you spot the land surface temperature ‘heat map’ of Exeter in our exhibition (below)? We’ll be exploring how these images are made – and how we can use these images to guide how we can adapt to the effects of climate change (extreme heat, flooding, as well as biodiversity loss).

Heat map of Exeter from the Ordnance Survey

And this leads on to our other projects! We’d like to explore how this kind of satellite data can inform why – and where – communities should plant trees and other vegetation in their local area, and work with them to make a really awesome, science-informed project on it. If you’re part of an Exeter community that might be interested in this, get in touch!