Dark Skies Week 2022: The Problem with Light Pollution

Image credit: Cameron Fenn via Unsplash – Milky Way seen from Plymouth

During Dark Skies Week (22nd – 30th April) 2022, we chatted with Dr Sam Morrell about his research into how light affects humans and animals. You can re-watch the discussion here or click the image below.

Check out our infographic on this subject below, and feel free to share this on social media!

Infographic references:

This infographic was prepared with advice from Dr Sam Morrell and the University of Exeter’s project research page, along with inspiration from the excellent resource page by the Natural History Museum.

Check out the information by the International Dark Skies Association webpage to see how you can help, including a ‘Dark Sky Friendly Home Lighting’ audit that you can carry out at home.

For more detailed information, there’s a thorough review article by Falcón et al entitled Exposure to Artificial Light at Night and the Consequences for Flora, Fauna, and Ecosystems.