RI Christmas Lectures Livestream 2023

RI Christmas Lectures Livestream 2023

Image credit: Paul Wilkinson via the Royal Institution

Update: Unfortunately due to the sad closure of Maketank on Paris Street, plus the lack of funds for a suitable venue and our current limited time resources, we will no longer be running a livestreaming event for the RI Christmas Lectures in 2023. However, we hope to do so next year: stay tuned!

Other venues in the South West include the University of Plymouth, keep an eye on the RI webpage for more details! As usual, you can also watch the lectures when they’re broadcast on TV over the Christmas period.

This year’s lecturer, Prof Mike Wooldridge from the University of Oxford, will be speaking on “The Truth About AI” – this is such an important topic, and we had really interesting discussions with two local experts AI and ChatGPT recently – check those out below: