We want the Exeter Science Centre to be an invaluable resource for researchers, to help communicate your work to people of all ages and backgrounds, and boost public enthusiasm for STEAMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Medicine).

How we can help

We want to make research dissemination easy for you! You can take part in our public events, we can help share your research updates on social media, and we will have dedicated exhibition spaces for STEAMM research in the eventual building. We’re also here to offer our advice and support on science communication – it’s our speciality!

In addition, we offer a public engagement programme for academics to help you to demonstrate the impact of your research!

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Public Engagement Programme

Maximise your impact!

Public engagement is recognised by funding bodies and Universities as a hugely important part of research – but time constraints often make it difficult to do this properly, or even at all. That’s where we can help! We can offer an impactful and measurable public engagement programme of your work, including:

  • Creating hands-on exhibits related to your research.
  • Organising and running research-inspired workshops in schools.
  • Organising and facilitating public talks & producing YouTube content.
  • Showing demos / exhibits about your research at public events and festivals.

All activities and follow-up engagement are fully reported in a Research Excellence Framework (REF)-friendly format.

How do I take part?

You can fill out our short form, or contact us directly. We’ll arrange an initial meeting with you to establish how we can help, and then we’ll put together a programme and formal quote to fit your budget.

We can write proposals for you to include us in future grant applications, or we can help fulfil your public engagement requirements on existing grants. Perhaps you have co-creation funding as part of a fellowship and would like to work with us in a different manner; either way, we’d love to hear from you!

How much does it cost?

We’re trying to make our pricing reasonable and give you good value for money, and of course you’re contributing to a charitable cause. To give you an idea of what we could offer, here is a sample impactful programme:

Includes: preparation; meeting with you and being on-call for advice; development, organisation and promotion of the activities; collecting feedback from participants; recording and publishing videos / photos of activities where relevant and reporting back at the end of the programme to demonstrate impact.

Varied activities carried out over 1 year, £5k
– Organise a Café Scientifique-style public talk.
– Arrange a “Meet the Scientist(s)” talk + Q&A session at a local school.
– Recording, editing, publishing and promoting 3 YouTube videos (2 short and 1 longer).
– Producing either a complex tabletop exhibit (more costs involved in this), or a selection of hands-on demos.
– Present the exhibits/demos on stalls at festivals across the region during the year.

These activities could be made fully online as required, and could showcase the work of one academic, or a range of research projects within a research group. If you have a smaller or larger budget, we can easily extend or reduce the scope to fit your requirements, and we’re very flexible on what we can offer.

In Summary

We want to make it easy for you to demonstrate the impact of your research, and this helps us to raise funds for and awareness of the Exeter Science Centre!

We have proven experience in public engagement with research, we take an interest in all areas of STEAMM, and we have a growing network of schools, community groups, businesses and organisations across the region and beyond, to help you reach a large audience. Please get in touch to work with us! If you don’t have funding available and would like to work with us on an ad hoc basis, we’d still love to hear from you.