Our Vision

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Our Vision

Our vision is an exemplary STEAMM Discovery Centre in Exeter for the educational, social and cultural benefit of the city and the whole of the South West region. STEAMM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths and Medicine.

We want to create a place where everyone feels welcome, regardless of background, age, education or interests. 

We will fill the Centre with exciting hands-on exhibits, inspired by the best science centres around the world, and create a cultural hub that is appealing to everyone. Science underpins our modern society, and we want everyone to feel that they can and want to engage with it. 

We are keen to work alongside the science-based institutions and businesses locally and across the South West, to help communicate their cutting-edge STEAMM research & industry to the public. 

We will create a welcoming, accessible building that is a beacon of positive change in the city. We want the building to be an exhibit in itself: optimally designed to have a positive environmental impact and being visually, architecturally and technologically inspiring.

Our Purpose

Empowering the public to help tackle global issues

We all have an important role to play in tackling global issues. We want to make sure the science behind these issues is clear, and show how people locally and around the world are finding solutions. We want to enable and motivate everybody to be proactive in striving for a better world.

Highlighting Local Research & Industry

Science Centres are the bridge between scientists and the community. We have a huge variety of important research and industry going on in the region, and we want to create a dedicated space to connect the public with it. 

Filling the Gap

There is no dedicated, general science discovery centre in the region – Exeter Science Centre will fill this gap. We want to be a cultural hub for the city and region – for people of all ages and backgrounds.

How will it happen?

We are starting the organisation’s activities now: speaking to the community about science and getting their views on the project, and working with researchers to share their work with the public. We are planning a number of projects to work with different communities, and continuing our fundraising to make this happen.

In parallel, we’re also planning the Centre itself. Check out our 3 year target below, and if you’d like more details have a read of our short Summary Document. For details of our plan in full glory, have a read of our aspirational Preliminary Business Plan – this is a working document, so please check back here or email us for a current version. An updated version will be added soon!

To understand the work that we do and the impact we’re having, take a look at our latest Annual Report.

Our 3 Year Target

Read it from the inside outwards, to see our actions / status for each year. The coloured sections correspond to different themes. The descriptions around the outside describe our aims for each theme, by year 3 – our current year.

Sharing our work

Being open-source is really important for us – we want to be transparent about the way we operate, and we hope it’ll help other organisations do good things more easily.

So, we’re working hard to get our policies, procedures and project reports into an online-friendly format. This is still work in progress, but you’ll be able to find all these resources here very soon!