Exeter Science Centre is an educational charity dedicated to public engagement with STEAMM (science, tech, engineering, arts, maths and medicine).

We work on projects related to global issues, highlight their local relevance through collaboration with research, industry and local organisations, and empower people to play a role in mitigating them. In parallel, we’re creating a network of science centres in the South West.

Learn more about our ambitions for a physical presence in this video and on our vision page. Please support us in any way you can!

Core funding supporters

We’re so grateful to have received recent funding for our core costs from:

Lumi Therapy has provided a core costs funding donation of £70,508 as part of a support package to enable us to ‘get off the ground’.

Read more in our news post!

supported by players of people's postcode lottery. awarded funds from postcode local trust

Postcode Local Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

This funding period is complete, and you can read our impact report here.

Organisation memberships

We’re delighted to be members of the following organisations who provide invaluable advice and opportunities for us:

association for science and discovery centres

The Association for Science and Discovery Centres (ASDC) is a charity that unites the UK’s network of regional STEM learning organizations, encouraging the nation’s active participation in science.

ecsite (european network of science centres & museums)

Ecsite connects, inspires, and empowers science engagement professionals and organizations, extending the reach and impact of their work.